Family Physicians

A Board Certified Family Physician is a medical specialist who is trained in the specialty of Family Practice. Like other specialists,Family Physicians complete an extensive three-year residency program after graduating from medical school.

A Family Physician is a medical specialist who provides comprehensive medical care for all members of the family, regardless of age, sex, or nature of the illness. Instead of specializing in only one area of medical care, Family Physicians are trained in all major medical areas: from surgery to internal medicine, dermatology to psychiatry, gynecology to pediatrics, orthopedics to sports medicine, and well child care to preventative medicine.

The Family Physician is unique in that he/she is concerned with the family as a unit and with interactions within the family, which often have direct bearing on the health of individual family members. A Board Certified Family Physician’s training enables them to treat 80 to 90 percent of your family's health care needs. When a referral is necessary, your Family Physician’s background in many subspecialties assists in guiding you to the proper sub-specialist. Also, the Family Physician’s emphasis on preventative health care can improve your health at the lowest possible cost.

Family Practice is one of the few specialties that require its Board Certified members to pass a National Recertification Exam every six years to ensure that your physician remains up-to-date with the rapidly evolving medical issues of the day.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse, Master of Science prepared, who is certified to practice primary health care. Nurse practitioners are recognized as primary care providers and provide direct patient care. They see patients for routine exams, diagnose and treat common health problems, order and interpret studies such as lab tests and x-rays, and provide women’s health care and well baby exams. They are expert in areas of prevention and guidance.

In our office nurse practitioners work as part of a health care team under the direction of our family physicians. Patients may request a specific nurse practitioner as their primary care provider if they so desire. In such cases a physician is always available for consultation.