As Family Physicians, approximately 90% of your entire family’s health care can be provided right in our office. When further services are required,we can guide you to excellent subspecialty physicians and help coordinate the process. If you feel the need to see a consultant or specialist, please discuss this with us prior to your appointment with the specialist.

Many health insurance plans require that we, as your primary care physicians, approve all referrals in advance before the insurer will pay for the referral. If you have a routine follow-up with a specialist office, please notify us at least one (1) week in advance so that we can take the necessary steps to properly authorize the referral. If we are not certain that a referral is appropriate,we may ask you to schedule a visit in our office to review your condition prior to authorizing a referral.

Routine referrals to established local specialists may also be requested by way of the Patient Portal. Please register for this secure internet email service to request referrals on-line.